Monday, May 21, 2007

The Scotland of India - Coorg

April 20th 2007, 1915Hrs IST , Myself, Rathish( popular as Naroor Rathish. I was meeting him after long 7 years.) and Pavitra in my Santro Blacky said good bye to Blore. Nature blessed our trip with heavy showers on Mysore road. Had dinner (unlimited) at Kamath. We started again. Myself and Naroor were exchanging the wheel. We reached Pavi's place( he is native to coorg) at o400Hrs IST. There was fog and it was chill outside. We slept well, prepairing ourselves for the next day.
Morning we woke up by 1000Hrs. Wentto the nearby stream, had a good swim. Went to a temple which was about 10 Km interior in the jungle. On the way we saw a poor pig getting slaughtered. Naroor absorbed all these moments in his Canon S3IS. Lunch we had all the Coorgy dishes. They were really yummy !

Evening we went to Pavi's uncle's house which was lacated in midst of a wast coffee plantation. The place was so silent, free from pollution, no vehicle horns, no television sounds,no mobile rings( as there was no networks available ). You wont believe there was no electricity connection in that house. But we enjoyed a lot. We dint feel any of these drawbacks at any moment of our stay there. We slept there that night.

On 22nd - 1100Hrs we packed our packs and targetted our next destination - Raja Seat. Took lots of pics there. Said good bye to Coorg and with sweet memories we left for Blore. On the way we dropped in at kushalnagara.

We reached Blore by2100Hrs. The moments we shared are here and will be remembered life long.