Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kalyan Varma Photography Workshop

Before I go into details let me first thank kalyan Varma for organising such a beautiful and informative workshop ! secondly Rathish, my friend who told me about Kalyan. Thanks again to both of you!!

As I mentioned , came to know about Kalyan's photography workshop thorough my friend Naroor Rathish. I had visited Kalyan's web page and registered a month back for the course. Last week I got the mail saying that my seat is confirmed for the 8/23 and 8/24 workshop. The venue was Nandana Grand Hotel at Kormangala.

8/23- Day 1 (Classroom Session)-The route map attached with the mail was very helpful and with my friend Sathish's tip's I was able to reach the venue by 0915hrs. The conference room was all set to go and the workshop started at about 0945hrs. We were a group of 8 . Kalyan briefed us about the whole workshop.

During the day topics like introduction to Photography, basics of Photography - Aperture/Shutter/ISO/Depth-of-Focus, exposure and composition were discussed. Adding on Kalyan showed us all the equipments he uses in the field while he shoots.

The sessions were really good and informative. We had our tea breaks in b/w and to tell you all, the lunch was really yummyyy ! The day's session ended at about 1800hrs. We planned to meet at Lal bagh the next day at 0700hrs with our equipments.

8/24 - Day 2 (Field Session + Classroom Session). Today we were supposed to apply all the theory we learnt the day before in the class room on actual field. Reached Lal bagh at about 0700hrs, fully equipped with our cams. The team was already present there by the time I reached . Kalyan briefed us on the theme based on which we were supposed to do the clicking. We started exploring for great creations. After the theory classes it was so evident that lot of my pics dint have the optimum exposure. It was real fun doing the shoot at Lal Bagh. And I bet people at the park would also have enjoyed seeing us taking pics of all the plants and flowers as if seeing for the first time ;)... Kalyan helped us in our shoots. It was a great experience for us to shoot with a well known expert in the field. His expertise helped us to get more hands on our machine/pics. We finished our shoot at about 1030hrs and headed back to the hotel. On the way back we refreshed ourselves with breakfast at Sukhsagar. Reached back in our conference hall at 1130hrs. We reviewed the pics taken by us in the morning. And I am sure that all in our team would agree that we were better photographers than we were the day before. Post lunch kalyan briefed us on various after shoot processing software's and guidelines to be followed. The session got winded up about 1730hrs. We all in the team were fully charged up and ready to explore the world of digital photography. We realised that any picture becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better.

This workshop again proved it -- Cameras don't take pictures, photographers do. Cameras are just another artist's tool.A camera catches your imagination. No imagination, no photo - just crap. The word "image" comes from the word "imagination." It doesn't come from "lens sharpness" or "noise levels." Your equipment DOES NOT affect the quality of your image. The less time and effort you spend worrying about your equipment the more time and effort you can spend creating great images. The right equipment just makes it easier, faster or more convenient for you to get the results you need !!!

Please Click here for the pics taken during the session and you can view Kalyans posting at his web page here . Happy Clicking !!!