Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jiju Weds Priya

Friday evening we all ( Myself, Srijith, Sobin) met at Sri’s house at Madivala. As the ritual before going for a good thing the pooja (boozing), we couldn’t dare to skip. The bar just opp to the KPN office was the venues. We charged ourself eith the required fuel and commenced our journey to Trivandrum. Purpose – to attend Jiju Stephan’s marriage.

The small bus picked us up frm madivala to Bomanhalli by 7.00pm. But as usual the bus got delayed nearly an hour due to the busy traffic. Dinner was only snacks. The bus route was not through Palghat but via tirunelveli. We reached TVM by 11.00am.

Jju came to pick us up. He had arranged our stay at Venkateswara Hotel near by to new theatre. The rooms were good. We finished our breakfast cum lunch along with 3 -4 pegs each and proceeded towards Jiju,s house. Reached his place in an hrs time. Once again upon Jiju,s mom’s insisting we had lunch there also. There was fried fish, kappa, fish curry apart frm the rice. Our tummies were full. We settled at Jiju’s room for some rest. We had 3-4 pegs of whiskey while watching some good old Malayalam comedy movies. We parted Jiju by 4.30pm.

On the way back to the hotel we went for a small shopping. Sobin ans Sri purchased the dhothi’s . Sri a scullers shirt, unfortunately it was the same that Jiju’s bro had taken for him. Before going to room we got our dinner packed at AZAD. Took a bottle of DSP Black for the night and marched owards the room. The evening pooja started and the day came to an end.

Sunday morning – We finished our breakfast. Went to veli. Got some good snaps. Came back to the hotel by 3.30pm. Refilled our stock with some chilled beers on the way back. Starded our ucha pooja. Finished the same by evening. Had dinner—puttu, kappa, beef. After that we went for a movie – mamooty – mission 90 days. We reached back in hotel by 1.00 in the night. We finished our drinks stock in an hours time. We slept by 3.00 Am.

Monday morning—we got up by six. Got ready soon and rushed to jiju’s house. Reached his place by 9.00am. Finished our breakfast. Helped Jiju in getting dressed up. Moved towards the church along with the group. Attended the wedding. Wished the new couple and we packed our bags back to Bangalore.

The unfogetable moments are here to be shared with all. Please click on this link to view the album.