Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sush Wedding

Sush may question me for keeping the title like this because for sure at least for once a thought would have crossed her minds -- "are these guys coming for my wedding or to rock on the Malpe beach?"....

Binod, Praveen, Sathish, Shiva, Riyaz,Chandru and Myself planned to start the trip by 1800Hrs on 10/19/07. Plan was to go in two cars-- Praveen's Zen Estilo and Binod's Honda City. As it was raining heavily in Blore we were delayed on our start. Finally our journey commenced at 2240Hrs.

We refilled ourselves with food and beer at Sri Chamundeshwari Farm Dabha , near to Nelmangla at 0030Hrs, 10/20. We moved out and targetteing Udupi. Our plan was to hit Malpe beach via Hassan ( 147km frm Nelmangala ) and frm Hasan take the route to Belur (30Km ), Chikmangalore ( 40Km) Shringeri via Balehonnur and Jayapura and reach Shringeri(100Kms frm Chikmangalore) from there to Agumbe ( 28km ) Someshwar, hebri, Hiriyadha, Manipal and reach Udupi( 80Km frm Shringeri) and finaly Malpe Beach ( 5km).

The road stretch between Hasan and Chickmangalore was not in good condition. We got some good snaps at Agumbe. We reached Malpe beach by 1100Hrs.

We had booked our stay at Paradise isle beach resort. The stay was good. We had a quick swim and then proceeded for lunch. Rolled out our plan for the day and next. It was finalised like first St Mary's Island then night at the disco and next day morning towards the marriage hall.

St Mary's Island is a beautiful place. You have to go in boat for half an hour. They will charge you RS 80 to and fro. As we had gone in the last batch we could only spend 30 mins on the island. We returned back to resorts by 2000Hrs. All decided to take a nap for some time so that we have enough energy on the disco floor.

The sleep dint end as planned because all were so tired that none woke up at the planned time. By 2300Hrs myself and Binod got up due to preset alarms on the mobile. We decided to check the disco. And to be honest we were disappointed as the crowd was very less. Can you guess how many people were there. 2 young girls and we 2 . We ordered our drinks and started our session. We were a bit happy also thinking that might be god has gifted us with a boon in the form of a curse. We 2 young guys alone and 2 young girls, they also alone. But this happiness dint last for much time. Actually those girls were waiting for their group and they arrived soon and finally joined them.

We decided to go for a drive and on the way get some money from ATM. The roads were empty and the drive was superb. All others woke up this time and called us checking our where abouts. We decided to go back to the disco again and rock. Till early morning this continued. I went to sleep at about 400Hrs 10/21.

Next day I came to know that I missed some early morning shots of fishermen bringing in their night's catch. Shiva was lucky enough to see all these activities.

We took some snaps near the resort as well as beach. Got ready by 1030hrs and moved towards the marriage hall which was nearly 20km from our place of stay. On the way we filled our car tanks. Luckily gas station was also available.

We reached the hall by abt 1200Hrs and were on time. Got some good snaps of the wedding. The bride and the groom were looking too good. After the marriage we proceeded for lunch. The lunch was really yummy and our tummy's were full till the brim. We wished the couple and planned to move.

By 1430Hrs our wheels were rolling again back to bangalore. We stopped at Agumbe where the nature blessed us with some great snaps. Without any delays we moved on to Blore on the same route.

We reached Chickmangalore by 2100Hrs and met Riyaz's cousin. He took us to a hotel called Srimangala Fish Land -- The fish items were really too good there.

I would specially thank my friends for organising a cake cutting in the same hotel as next day was my B'day.

We finished everything and moved again. At 2455Hrs we stopped our cars and opened beers to toss cheers on my bday. Concluded the event fast and rolled on.

All went well till Binod's car hit the median ( under construction ) on the shringeri - nelmangalore highway. Readers beware on this road. There are no sign boards or indications hinting work in progress.

The car's radiator was damaged and hence we couldn drive. We tried towing the car by Praveen's car but ...failed. Myself and Binod planned to stay back and the others moved towards blore as it was no point all staying back.

We slept in the car planning to check for workshops in the morning. Woke up in the morning found a workshop but no luck there also. With great difficulty we drove another 35km but stopped as the engine temp was going high. We hired a vehicle and towed the car till bangalore. Reached Bangalore by 1500Hrs on 10/22.

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